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Here are some pictures of me and my friends.

wooo, this cursor is trippy!!!


This, is Andrea, during Sophmore AwareShit. shes trina's bestest friend in the whole widest world. their funny together. lol


This is Leeanna, i knew her in Camp, and the last time she saw me, she was like, "HOLY FUCK YOU CHANGED!!! ive pretty much stayed the same..." and to tell you the truth, she really hasnt changed... :-) so there leeanna!


This is Tim, hes a sexy bitch. well. at least he thinks so. hes kool, yeap yeap


This, for all of you who are too stupid to know who it is, is me, and i was laughing, about, well, i dunno what i was laughing about, but i guess it was really funny. gotta love my cousin with a camera.


its GEOGE!!! my lesbian lover!!! (JUST KIDDING!) anyways, this is the koolest friend i got, ally george. yeap yeap, IM COMMING TO JAY ALLY! i just dont know when, how, or if i oops. ohwell


THIS is a better picture of ally, my ally oh ally, i love thee much. LIKE BUNCHES OF OATS!


this, ladys and gentlemen, is jacob. i dont know if i should call him a friend, cuz hes more of an aquaintance, i met him in the hallway at skool and we started to talk cuz he thought i was a total freak nut cuz i was doing cartwheels down the hall with kristin and we were skipping and shit, it was strange....


this is blaine. blaine is kool. HI BLAINE. i talk to him when i can, he wants to come to sanford high, i dont know why he wants to come tho. sanford high sucks ass. but ya, thats blaine!


This is Markus! hehee, he lives in Mass, and he wants me to come to his house for summer vaca! woo, markus is kool shit, and ya, its markus! hes my husband and i HEART him! hehe, I LOVE YOU MARKUS!!


This is my cousin, Jess, no, she wasnt really smoking the cigar, she was pretending too. jeesh, freaks.


This is a picture of Kieth, in Sophmore AwareShit. it was fun while we were there, he did his hair all like mine one day, made me laugh. hes too cute.


This is Hilda, I dont really know her that well, but i met her over the internet, and shes kool shit. Yeap yeap! cool shit.


this is trina, shes hott, yes double T hott, i love you trina my wifenessful! hehehe, you and buddha are great together! i love you!


awwe, look, its danie. before i gave her a mohawk. haha, shes the koolest shit ever!


Look! its Mason! woo! HI MASON! ::waves a bunch:: mason is too cute, we talk about random stuff, like sex and moxie. hehehe. HI! GO JODi EXPLODi!!