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This is me, like it or not.

My name is Amanda. I'm 15, with a bright pink mohawk. Dont like it? too bad. suck it.
anyways. i like poetry, writing, music, and photography. Altho i probably wont get any recegnition on that stuff, but, ohwell, s'all good.
every once in a while, ill go hang out at my friend thumbys house/garage. or go to my ex-boyfriends house. and, im single.
yeap thats me....
dont like it?
too bad. suck it.

Name that appears on your birth certificate: Amanda Lee Spicer
Nickname: Frank, Frak, Mrs. Spongebob Squarepants, or, as my cousin likes to call me, Mandy Pandy
Parents names: John and Roxann Spicer
Number of candles that will appear on your next birthday cake: 16
Date that you will blow them out: June 6th
Pets: 2 cats and a yeti named Brett
Eye colour: blue with yellow specks, its strange, when im mad, they turn almost black, when im sad they turn bright blue, and when im normal, they look like a green blue.
Hair colour: bright pink, with my roots growing in, so pink and blackish
Piercings: 4 in one ear, two in my lip, and i just got rid of my belly button. and im going to add 2 more piercings to my lips.
Tattoos: i want one of a Double Skull on my back.
How much do you love your job: i clean my aunts' bathrooms, what do you think?
Hometown:  Sanford
Current residence: Springvale (oh wow, so far away)
Been to Africa? pot legal there?
Been toilet papering?  sounds fun, sure, ill go.
Loved somebody so much that it made you cry? love is fucking bullshit.
Which do you like better croutons or bacon bits? CROUTONS!! YES!!!
Been in a car accident? well, i remember this one time, i was with my cousin, jess, we were on our way to the garage, and it was rainy, and she almost did a dohnut on this corner, it was kool shit man.
Which do you like better Sprite or 7-Up? moxie, fucker
Disney or Warner Bros: ummm....steven spielburg?
When was your last hospital visit: never been, never plan on going
What colour is your bedroom carpet: i dont have a carpet, but my floor is blue.
How many times did you fail your drivers test: ill tell you when i fucking have my permit.
Who was the last person you got an e-mail from: my teacher, mr. auger. he told me that i didnt have any work which is ok i guess.
Have you ever been convicted of a crime: yeap and im paying for it too. stupid fuckers.
What single store would you choose to max out your credit card: prolly at hot topic, i love their pants and shit.
What do you do most often when you are bored: go on the internet, use bretts playstation (yes the yeti has a playstation), and do these stupid tests.
Name the person(s) that you are friends with that lives the farthest: well lets see, theres, Travis Cyr, FRED DURST!!! (kati mitchell), Leeanna Tibbetts, Geoge Nauss (ally nauss), and Justin Tibbetts, and well....shall i go on? cuz almost all of my friends live up in central maine. yeap yeap.
Most annoying question people ask you? "why do you have your hair in a mohawk?" answer i give: "because i fucking want it in a fucking mohawk, is there something wrong with that stupid ass fucking bitch?!" or, ill give this answer: "to make you ask me that question."
Last people you went out to dinner with: aw shit, AW FUCK.
First car: my fucking 87 dodge ram power charger....but i hate it, even ask my friend racheal. she knows why....(hahaha)
Who is your dream wife or husband? well, im already married to Spongebob Squarepants, so, i guess im alright.
Anything else? all suck and need to die? i dunno...


Unexpected Picture.


haha, guess who? its ME!! haha, how about it? ugly huh? thought so. haha, ohwell


Favorite movies:
13 Ghosts, How High, Half Baked, and home videos. dur. the home-made movies rule the world.

Favorite music:

Nirvana, Gold Finger, ICP, Anti-Flag, Blink 182 is ok, Bad Religion, Misfits, The Clash, Dashboard Confessional, The Juliana Theory, Good Charlotte, Mest, The Donnas, White Stripes, New Found Glory, Ataris, Murderdolls, Rancid, Janes Addiction, Red Hott Chillie Peppers, The Used, Our Lady Peace, Pennywise, Sublime, Thursday, Weezer, Midtown, Lefty, and KoRn.

Favorite colour(s):
red, orange, and black.

Favorite food:
well, of all of it, i guess it would be Chinese.

Favourite day of the week: 
friday-sunday cuz i go to my friends house for the WHOLE weekend. yes mofo. or i just go to the garage, well.....seeing as the garage died, naw, nevermind.

Favourite word or phrase:
"i was just kidding! you dont have to go all psycho on me and shoot me in the head!" and theres the one mike got me into, and thats "dangle beef!!"

Favourite song:
hokus pokus/the dating game/boogy woogy woo/what is a juggalo?/dead body man/mr. johnsons head/cotton candy/great milenko/tilt-a-whirl - icp
99 red balloons/counting the days - goldfinger
this is not a crass song/angry young and poor - anti flag

Favourite restaurant: kitchen.

Favourite cola:

Favourite sport to watch:

Favourite sesame street character:
elmo, cookie monster, zoe, and ernie

Favourite fast food restaurant: 
how about, kfc

Favourite all time TV show:
Scrubs, or Spongebob, or CSI, or Law & Order: Criminal Intent