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Amanda. Frank.

::read in a monotone voice:: im Amanda. im 16. i live in a town called Springvale. Which is in Maine. im a Junior in High school. my nickname is Frank. im always reading a book. i guess im the most comfortable person in the world and i've always gots something interesting to say. im always stoned. when im bored, i'll start singing the first thing that pops into my head. and sometimes, for extra kicks, i make an ass of myself while singing them. some people say i should be a commedian. how about that. I know exactly what i want to do with my life. i want to graduate high school, while keeping a job and getting my liscence, and then, i want to go to a college in boston for art and become an art major. but my number one goal is to find someone who will come with me to mass, cuz i know im never gonna make it out there by myself...

im one of them artsy fartsy fuckers. i write poetry, smoke pot, make sculptures, draw, trace, computer graphics, drink beer, and do drugs, but hey its life, live it to the fullest.
and dont give in to societies up-bringings. just be yourself. jesus i cant spell.


Oh look at the camera!


Me. how can i describe me? oh yeah, i did. hahahaha.


favorite movies:

Waking Life by Richard Linklater

favorite music:
I dont listen to music by the genre, i listen to music for the lyrics. but i like all music other then rap, christian, or country.